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The Teer Today Show is the perfect podcast for teens and their teeth. This weekly podcast is packed with information about teeth, oral health, and more. You’ll learn about the latest trends and find out how to keep your teeth healthy and happy. Plus, you can ask questions and get expert advice from our team of experts. So whether you’re a new teen or an experienced one, The Teer Today Show is the perfect podcast for you.

What is the Teer Today Show.

The Teer Today Show is a podcast for teens that discusses teeth and health. The show is hosted by Dr. Sneezy and Dr. Dental, with special guests from time to time. For more information on the show, visit their website or listen to the latest episode below:

What Are Teens Doing on the Teer Today Show?

On the Teer Today Show, teens are discussing teeth and health with doctors and other experts from various fields of dental care. They also answer questions about teeth and hygiene, as well as find out about new tooth technologies and products! Check out some of the most recent episodes here:

Episode 1- Introducing the Doctors & Guests on The Teer Today Show!

Episode 2- Ask a Doctor Questions About Your Tooth Health

Episode 3- Answers To Your Most pressing Dental Questions!

Episode 4- The Top Dentists In America Share Their Expert Opinion On Your Tooth Health

Episode 5- The Teer Today Show Interviews Some of The Best Dentists In America!

Episode 6- Get your teeth cleaned by the best dentists in town!

What is the Teer Today Show.

The Teer Today Show is a podcast for teens that discusses tooth health and oral hygiene. The show is hosted by Dr. Sarah Koenig and Dr. Jen Gunter and covers topics like tooth decay, braces, periodontal disease, dental care for kids, and more.

How Do We Do It.

Our goal at Teer Today Show is to provide information about teeth and oral hygiene in a fun and informative way for teens who want to better understand their own oral health. We use interesting stories, interactive questions, and science-backed explanations to help listeners learn more about their teeth and how to keep them healthy.

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What is the Teer Today Show.

The Teer Today Show is a podcast for teens that covers all things teeth and oral health. The show is hosted by Dr. Denise Glickman, a dentist and assistant professor at the University of Florida. Highlights of the show include: interviews with dentists, oral surgeons, dental hygienists, pediatric dentists, and more; monthly news briefs; oral health tips from experts; and reviews of new dental products.

What are Our Guests.

Our guests this month are Dr. Denise Glickman (host), her husband Bob Glickman (medical correspondent), Dr. Chris Hickey (dentist), Dr. Regan Kerkorian (oral surgeon), Dr. Jeffry Tarrant (oral hygiene expert), Ms. Sara Wagner (pediatric dentist), and more!


The Teer Today Show is a popular show that is designed to help teens get the most out of their day. We talk about everything from relationships to school and life. Our guests are some of the brightest minds in the world, and we hope you enjoy hearing from them on the Teer Today Show!


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