Exploring Careers With Animals

When most people think of pursing an occupation revolving around animals they think about being a veterinarian or veterinarian assistant.

However, there are other occupations in this industry that you can explore to fulfill your desires. These careers may need less education or certifications then the careers in veterinarian medicine.

Here are some of the other careers to explore.

Animal Trainer

As an animal trainer you will help train animals for riding, obedience, performance, security and to help people with disabilities.

Depending on the particular job you acquire, your educational requirements for the position may vary. Many types of animals may require more specialized education such as training marine mammals like whales.

Some organizations offer certifications for animal training; however, it is not required for all positions.

As an animal trainer you should have a love of animals and have a sensitive and patient nature. Animal trainers may find positions in zoos, aquariums, television and associations for the disabled.

Animal trainers often work with dogs and cats in the various different competitions and shows. Oftentimes animal trainers are responsible for holding educational programs for visitors to the centers, such as teaching children about different animals.

As an animal trainer you will spend your days training animals for many different functions. You will teach animals to be acquainted with humans and their voices as well as condition them to respond to commands.

You will give positive reinforcement and reassurance to the animals. Animal trainers are also often responsible for the daily care of the animals.

Animal Groomer

As an animal groomer you will maintain the appearance of animals.

To pursue a career as an animal groomer, you must complete an apprenticeship program or state licensed program. Certifications are available but are not always necessary. Most animal groomers work with dogs and cats.

Animal groomers are usually employed by animal shelters, pet shops, veterinarian clinics and grooming services.

As an animal groomer you will spend your day working on the appearance of animals. You will bath and brush the animals as well as performing other tasks to improve their hygiene and appearance.

Additionally, many groomers maybe responsible for setting appointments and discuss the animals’ needs with their owners, especially if they have started their own grooming businesses.


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